2018 Queens for sale

Mated queens available. 8th September 2018
English Black (Apis Mellifera Mellifera) and Buckfast.
Price: £35
Ph: 07704155333
Collection from Woking or posted for next day delivery.

6th August 2018
Have some ready now
All british

Regards Mike 
Heatherlea Cottage

6th August 2018

As you might expect we have queens ready to ship. How many are needed ?


With regards



Tel: 07970 454636

2018 I have 20 mated Buckfast queen's 

Good temperament from my own breeder stock, good honey 
gatherers. £35.00 each + £10.00 next day delivery. 

I have queens ready now. £42.50p posted or £36 collected (Folkstone) They are marked and are Buckfast X's

Email: Jean Bees bees4ujean@gmail.com