Top bar hives for sale

2018 I have (all from Heatherbell Honey Bees in Cornwall.) Collect from near Norwich Norfolk

1 x 26 bar hive with observation window and follower board painted with water based cream coloured paint. entrances at both ends so could house 2 colonies.  used
1 x 12 bar nuc hive with follower painted blue. used
1 x 12 bar nuc hive full of bees (swarm in June 2017) The bees are out on mild days so are doing well and have only eaten nectar and their own stores - not sugar fed. painted cream
1 x converted to tbh national nuc takes about 6 bars and i use it for swarm catching.
1 x unused stainless steel smoker
natural wool insulation roof inserts for the winter
all hives are on legs making them waist height.

£550 the lot (£50 in advance £500 on collection)