About Us

We are bee keepers who are concerned about the health and well being of our nation's bees.

During the last few years there have been more buyers for honeybees than there have been bee keepers
willing to supply them. Subsequently we have been sending bees out to all corners of the UK and been
receiving requests to send them even further afield.

But however carefully we set the bees up for traveling the process of moving them remains stressful for the
bees. Our aim is to keep the stress miles for the bees down as much as we can. We want to match those who
want to buy honeybees with a bee keeper local to them who wants to supply them.

Our aim is to establish a network of beekeepers throughout the UK who are offering bees for sale.

If you are a beekeeper offering honeybees for sale please contact us You don't need to have your own website.
You just need to have fine bees in a healthy condition that are for sale.