Bees on Langstroth frames

2020 One Langstroth nuc Wembley

One Langstroth NUC overwintered queen 5 frames full of bees capped and uncapped brood
£260 (£20 in advance £240 on collection)
Collect Wembley, London.

2020 Over wintered Langstroth nucs

Strong overwintered colonies on 5 frames of Langstroth with 2019 prolific queen. 
Price £240. (£20 in advance £220 on collection)

Collection from Surrey/ London

2020 Langstroth Nucs South London

5 frames overwintered nucs 
£220 (£20 in advance £200 on collection) transfer to your box
or I can supply in travel cartons box for £10 
Collection - near Camberwell 

Please email me Patrick Laslett

2020 Bees on Langstroth frames Sheffield/Doncaster

Langstroth nucs - ready second week in June headed with 2020 buckfast queen marked blue £250 (£20 in advance £130 on collection)

Pick up midway between Sheffield and Doncaster 
Please email me Patrick Laslett

2020 Colonies in Langstroth hives - West Wales

Langstroth hives with complete colonies.

£200 per hive (£25 in advance £175 on collection)