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Bees for sale in
Anglesey Full colony, in hive, plus 3 supers
Berkhamsted Hertfordshire Langstroth colony + hive
Alton Hampshire I six frame nuc 
Marlborough Complete colonies in hives (up 12)
Hampshire 40+ colonies
North Birmingham 6 frame nuc
North Lincolnshire 2 x 6 frame nucs
London NW6  6 frame nucs
Ringwood Langstroth nucs
Buxton Nuc
Leeds 5 frame nucs
Inverness Nuc of dark honeybees
Winchester Top Bar Hive full of bees
Doncaster National Nuc
Ringwood Bees for sale
Livingston Langstroth nucs
Worthing National Maisemore bee hives with bees
South Wales Langstroth nuc
Melton Mowbray Colonies WBC hives
Perthshire Langstroth nuc
Worthing Complete colony
Littlehampton 2021 nuc
Shrewsbury 2021 nucs
Milton Keynes 3 x 2021 nucs
London SE5 2021 nuc
Barnstaple Full Colony
Bournemouth 2021 Nuc
Worthing 2021 Nuc
Nuneaton 2021 Nuc
Inverness 2021 Nuc
Penrith Full colony in new poly hive
Kippax, Leeds 2021 Nuc
Pontefract 3x5 frame nucs
Essex Four 14x12 hives
North Essex 6 frame nucs
Bristol Nucs
Exiter 5 frame nuc
Scotland National and Langstroth nucs
PE22 5 and 6 frame nucs
Northwich local bees
Kettering 2 nucs
Liverpool  2 nucs 
Wirral Large colony

Ilford Complete colonies 14x12 nucs

Scunthorpe 5 frame National Nuc
Carmarthen Colonies in poly hives
Maidenhead 14x12 nucs
Gainsborough WBC Hives with colonies
Norwich Langstroth colony
Leicestershire 10 hives with bees 
Warrington Three National Nucs
Grantham Two nucs
Gravesend Three nucs for sale
Ilford Buckfast bees
Melton Mowbray Two WBC hives with bees
South Northants Three hives with bees
Yarm-on-tees Hive complete with colony of bees
Guildford Summer nucs
Grantham Two overwintered nucs
Sheffield Summer nucs
Cheshunt 5 frame nucs 
near Bury St Edmund two overwintered nucs
Wakefield 3 national overwinter colonies 
Cheshire Honey bees for sale
Rugby overwintered Nuc
Ashford Middlesex Buckfast Bees
Southport Full colonies and overwintered nucs
Crawley Full colonies and overwintered nucs
Gainsborough Lincolnshire. Overwintered nucs
Liverpool Over wintered Nucs
Kendal Over wintered Nucs
South Devon Summer nucs
Edgware, NW London Spring and Summer nucs 
Inverness Nucs in summer
Dumfries Smith's and Lanstroth nucs
Derbyshire Full colonies and Nucs
Lockerbie Scotland Overwintered 5 frame nucs
Newcastle Six Frame Nucleus Newcastle Gateshead
Maidenhead spring/summer bees (including 14x12 Nucs)
North Wiltshire 6 overwintered Nucs for sale.
Manchester area National overwintered nucs
Cambridgeshire National over wintered nucs (Langstroth nucs)
Welwyn Garden City Overwintered nucs on a choice of frames 
North Hampshire (SP10) double poly nucs 
Lancashire National Nucs Collection S64

Please contact me at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com if you would like your information added to this site

Bristol one nuc one colony
Tring 3 hives with bees to sell
Woking Nuc available 
Woodford 3 nucs
Lincoln Six 14x12 colonies
Lincoln Two colonies (one 14x12)
York two colonies in poly hives
South London 3 colonies for sale.
NE1 Nuc
SK27 12 frames of bees
Delivered 6 frame BS National nucs
Waterlooville 10 frame colony
Accrington 6 Frame nuc
Hinckley One nuc one colony
Wirral Four colonies
Norwich Colony in National Brood box
Lockerbie 5 frame nuc
South London National brood and 1/2
Bishops Stortford 5 Frame Nuc
Moray, Scotland 2 x 6 frame nucs
Wales bee keeping business + 12 Colonies
Stafford 4 nucs
Inverness One colony one nuc
Dorset/Wiltshire 2020 6 frames nucs
Amersham 2020 Bees, nucs, hives
Banbury One nuc one colony
Halstead 14x12 National 6 frame nucs
Yorkshire National colony
Pontefract 5 frame nucs
Cheshunt 3 National Nucs
North Devon 6 frame BS National nucs
Bishops Stortford National Nucs
Birmingham Two nucs and a colony
Cheshunt 3 x 5 frame National nucs 
London Colonies and nucs
Scunthorpe Commercial Nuc 
Selby 5 frame nucs 2020 queens
Manchester Nuc and full colony
Kent National Nucs
Milton Keynes Three nucs
Stanstead 2020 National Nucs 
Forres Moray Scotland 2 National Nucs
Dunham Massey Cheshire 3 National Nucs
Kettering Seven National colonies (in one lot)
Lockerbie 5 frame nucs available
The Wirral 2 complete National hives for sale
Membury, Devon 5 colonies for sale in hives
Near Bury Saint Edmunds 3 colonies for sale
Stockport Two nucs for sale
Inverness six frame nuc
Swindon Six National nucs
South Buckinghamshire colony for sale.
Pontefract, West Yorkshire Colonies for sale.
Eastbourne 3 nuc's available at low cost.
Scunthorpe 20 5 frame nucs
Doncaster 2020 6 Frame nuc
Ellesmere Port 2020 6 frame nucs 
Cornwall 5 framed national nucs
West Yorkshire 2020 National nucs 
Pontefract, West Yorkshire National colonies
Wanstead London Six National nucs 2020 queens
Bingham Notts Three 5 frame nucs
Perth/Dundee 2020 Nucs and Colonies
East Sussex/Kent 14x12 colonies 
London 2020 spring/summer bees
Lincolnshire 5 frame National Nuc’s
Shropshire colonies of bees
Hertfordshire Nucs with new 2020 queens
Cardigan Wales National nucs
North Birmingham Overwintered National NUC
Cheshunt 10 Nucs 2020 queens 
Guildford 2020 Summer nucs
Cheshunt Overwintered Nucs
Romford One nuc and one colony for sale
Salisbury Bees on National and Langstroth frames
Welshpool, Powys Bees Nucs For Sale 
North Warwickshire Nucs and Colonies
Cheshunt National nucs Hertfordshire
Andover Large overwintered nucs (12 frames
Liecestershire Over wintered nucs and full colonies
East Grinstead Standard National and 14x12 Nucs
Winchester WBC hive with over wintered colony
Near Hull 6 and 12 Frames Nucs 
Staines Surrey Colonies, nucs, packages 
Liverpool 10 over wintered National Nucs
One Langstroth nuc Wembley
Over wintered Langstroth nucs Surrey
Doncaster Over wintered National poly nuc
Staffordshire Overwintered nucs
North East London Colonies, nucs, packages
Wrexham Cheshire 2 hives of bees
Langstroth Nucs South London 
Maidenhead, Berkshire Full colonies on 14x12 frames
Ellesmere Port 5 and 6 frame nucs for sale
Staines Surry Six Frame National Nucs 
Newcastle Six Frame Nucleus (2020 queen)
North Wales 5 frame nucs
Yeovil Somerset Nucs for sale
London Overwintered Nuc
Manchester Overwintered nucs (one is 14x12)
Crawley Sussex Colonies and nucs for sale
Wales Colonies for sale West Wales
Yorkshire National nuc's and overwintered colonies 
Wales Native Welsh honey bees - Nucs and Colonies (Cardiff)

Please contact me at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com if you would like your information added to this site

Dorset  1 WBC Hive with bees SOLD
Northumberland Bees for sale in Paynes Poly hive SOLD
Birmingham One nuc
Devon 9 National hives for sale
Top Bar Bees 3 top bar nucs for sale
Aberdeenshire Colony in A 8 frame Paynes Nucs SOLD
Surrey Colony in Dadant hive
Essex 14x12 6 frame nuc for sale
Oxfordshire Nuc for sale
Nottinghamshire Two National Hives and bees for sale
Herefordshire Complete colonies for sale
Grantham 3 five frame Nucs
Essex A standard national 5 frame nuc
Lincolnshire Lovely set up of bees for sale
Gloucester Two colonies of honey bees on 12 frames.
Cheshire Strong 6 frame nuc
Derbyshire Five or six frame nuc
Bala Wales 5 frame NUC to sell with a 2019 queen.
Inverness Scotland 12 frame Paynes poly hive colony
North Yorkshire Two nice colonies for sale
Liverpool 3 nucs for sale
Yorkshire 11 frame national colonies Hull
Hampshire 4 colonies of bees
Wiltshire Salisbury bees
Essex Langstroth Nuc Halstead
Northumberland 2 nucs Newcastle
London Four nucs for sale Wembley
Norwich One Nucs for sale - Langstroth
Nottingham Two five frame nucs
Hertford full colonies in hives
Cardiff and Swansea Nucs for sale 2019 queens
Carmarthen 5 frame national nucs 2019 queens
Peterborough 6 frame nucs 2019 queens
Tyne and Wear 10 Complete colonies
London 5 x 6 frames National nucs Wembley
Lincolnshire  2 x overwintered nucs 
Newcastle Colonies in WBC hives SOLD
Tyne and Wear 10 full to overflowing 14x12 colonies
Windsor and London 4 full colonies for sale
Leicestershire Summer nuclei
Wiltshire Two full colonies on brood and half
Hampshire Colonies in hives
South Somerset Five nucs Yeovil
Somerset Colonies in hives
East London Nuc, colonies, packages
Newcastle Three colonies of bees
West Yorkshire 4 full colonies in national hives
Derbyshire 5 Langstroth hives 3 with bees Buxton
Wiltshire 6 National hives with bees
Leicestershire Over-wintered nucs
Liverpool two overwintered stocks of bees. Southport
Wales Over wintered nucs
Sussex 10 Buckfast nucs
Sussex British National 6 frame nucleus colonies 
Oxford 2 WBC hives with bees with 2 supers
Wales Nucs between Carmarthen and Swansea
Wales Nucs - near Newport 
Surrey Overwintered nucs available in April (Staines)
Bedfordshire Over wintered nucs in polnuc boxes 
Newcastle Colony in hive - great offer!
Manchester national nucs - from early June
Hampshire Three 6-frame nucs for sale M27/M3 junction 
East Yorkshire Five frame National nucs  
Newcastle Five national nucs 
Sussex Overwintered colonies
Manchester 5 frame 14x12 overwintered nucs available 
Derby City Full colonies and nucs for sale
Cambridge National Standard frames Nucs
Cheshire  Nucs for sale end of May. Ellesmere Port
Lancashire Overwintered six frame Nucs and Full stocks. Southport SOLD

Derbyshire 4 nuc's for sale in the spring Chapel en le Frith 

Liverpool We have 10 nucs for pre order sale
Staffordshire Two over wintered nucs for sale. Whittington
Newcastle /Gateshead A selection of bees to be collected 
Yorkshire  Nucs available for pre order East Yorkshire

Please contact me at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com if you would like your information added to this site

2018 5 lots of bees for sale in Manchester
2018 Ten six frames nucs South Yorkshire
2018 10 national frames Nuc for sale Leicester
2018 15 - 5 frame national nucs Somerset
2018 Six frame nuc Lancashire
2018 Six frame nuc North Wales
2018 3 national nucs and two colonies of local Northumbrian bees 
2018 Langstroth nuc for sale. Bracknell Berkshire
2018 5 frame standard national nuc Halstead Essex
2018 National NUC - 5 Frames East London
2018 Two nucs Moreton Wirral
2018 6 frame nuc Staffordshire
2018 Three full colonies Hertfordshire
2018 Several National Nuclei – Dark Bees Devon
2018 Two nucs for sale Gateshead or Newcastle
2018 6 frame nuc 2018 locally reared Queen Lancashire
2018 A colony of bees available Leeds SOLD
2018 Three strong nucs with red marked queens for sale in Kent 
2018 Strong Nuc colonies for sale Cambridge
2018 Two colonies for sale Manchester
2018 6 Frame nucs fors sale Surrey
2018 National and 14 x 12 nucs for sale Manchester SOLD
2018 3 national nuc’s of local Northumbrian bees for sale,
2018 6 frame poly nucs for sale, new queens Yeovil, Dorset
2018 Five frame Nucs on standard National. M1 junction 26/27 in Nottinghamshire
2018 3 six frame nucs for sale Southport, Lancashire
2018 1 x BS NUC for sale Birmingham
2018 three nucs for sale Nottingham
2 Colonies in Polystyrene Hives (commercial)
 for sale + nuc, North Lincolnshire
2018 4 x 6 Frame Nus on National Frames  Liverpool
2018 Nuc - 6 frames new queen Buckfast 2018 Staines-upon-Thames Surrey
2018 14 x 12 Nuc Yeovil Somerset
2018 14 x 12 Nuc Norfolk
2018 I have 3 off 6 frame Paynes Polynucs with National frames. Staffordshire
2018 Six Frame Nucleus to be collected from Newcastle /Gateshead
2018 2 nuc’s of Sussex Mongrels ready for Collection from Eastbourne, Sussex.
2018 Honey Bees for sale, Leytonstone East London SOLD

2018 I have 3 Nucs for sale Liverpool

2018 I'm giving up bee keepingI have 5 hives, 4 empty one with a strong colony in it Ipswich
2018 Langstroth Nuc for sale. Buckfast Queen 2017 South East Kent SOLD
2018 I will have several national nucleus colonies for sale from early June. Manchester
2018 Nucs 6 frame nucs and 14x12 nucs London
2018 Complete colony London
2018 Top Bar Hive with bees Yorkshire
2018 I have a few Langstroth Nuc's for sale. Liverpool
2018 14x12 overwintered 5/6 frame nucs Manchester SOLD

2018 overwintered nuc on 6 frames 14x12 Liverpool SOLD

2018 ​Polystyrene Hive (national)
 for sale, Shipley, West Yorkshire 
2018 Colonies on 12 frame double poly nucsGloucester SOLD
2018 Two Polystyrene hives with bees for sale in The Wirral SOLD
2018 12x14 national bee hive full of nice calm bees Hampshire SOLD
2018 Polly nuc Doncaster South Yorkshire SOLD
2018 14 x 12 colony of bees. 2017 queen marked yellow. Norwich, Norfolk SOLD
2018 Local Cambridge bees, Buckfast, and English Dark Bees. SOLD
2018 Splits of good foraging bees of a good temperament. Delivered.
2018 Deep National Complete colonies Hampshire SOLD
2018 Complete colonies for sale Eastbourne, East Sussex 
2018 Overwintered nucs with 2017 queens Crew Cheshire SOLD
2018 6 frame National overwintered nucs Powys Wales SOLD
2018 Six Frame Nucleus Newcastle Gateshead Newcastle SOLD
2018 5/6 frame nucs for sale South Kent SOLD
2018 Overwintered National nucs Exeter Devon SOLD
2018 Colonies of bees for sale Hertford SOLD
2018 Top bar hives for sale Norwich Norfolk SOLD
2018 2 Overwintered NUC's Manchester  SOLD
2018 Nucs on Langstroth frames Uxbridge London
2018 Six frame Langstroth Nucleus Mersyside
2018 Six Frame Nucleus Newcastle Gateshead Tyne and Wear
2018 Nucs available for pre order East Yorkshire 

Please contact me at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com if you would like your information added to this site
2017 Three colonies in WBC hives plus spare kit Surrey
2017 Bees in hives for sale - Congelton, Cheshire  SOLD
2017 I am giving up Bee keeping and have 6 colonies and a deal of equipment to sell Lancaster
20I7 Colonies in National Hives Plus Equipment For Sale West Yorkshire 
2017 Four Langstroth hives with local hybrid Bees Kent
2017 National and Langstroth nucs for sale South Yorkshire
2017 2 New Poly Nuc boxes with bees South of Lincoln 
2017 3 hives with 1 super on plus a 5 frame nuc Southend-on-Sea, Essex SOLD
2017 20 nucs in one lot Barnsley, South Yorkshire
2017 Two nucs of Bees Manchester 
2017 Four poly nucs of dark honeybees Inverness Scotland
2017 Nucs for sale Nottingham
2017 5 frame nuc of British Bee’s Aberdeen, Scotland
2017 Standard National 6 frame nuc Hampshire
2017 5 frame nuc Newcastle SOLD
2017 Nucs and colonies for sale West Yorkshire
2017 4 national nucs local hybrid bees Newcastle
2017 WBC hive 4 lifts Worcsetershire
2017 Complete colonies in hives with supers Hertfordshire
2017 Nucs in Poly boxes Inverness Scotland
2017 Two nucs  for sale North Wales
2017 Nuc in new polybox Grantham Lincolnshire 
2017 Everything you need to start - colony of bees in WBC hive Cheshire/Manchester
2017 2 x 5 Frame national nucs for sale. Cheshire
2017 2 colonies for sale North Yorkshire SOLD
2017 Complete colony and a nuc in Caerphilly Wales
2017 Three 5 frame standard national nucs Carmarthen Wales
2017 6 frame NUCs Cambridge
2017 5 frame NUC with AMM Welsh dark bees North Wales
2017 2 National Colonies 1 nuc London
2017 5 frame nuc of British Bee’s Aberdeen Scotland SOLD
2017 6 frame national nuc Kent
2017 4 nuc's ready to move on to a hive Cheshire or South Yorkshire border
2017 5 frame nuc 2017 queen Preston Lancashire
2017 6 frames nucs Norfolk/Suffolk border
2017 Colonies - collect East Yorkshire
2017 6 frame Buckfast nucs with 2017 queens Bedfordshire
2017 5 frame NUC with AMM dark bees with a 2017 queen. North Wales SOLD
2017 4 off 5 frame national Nucs for sale. Carmarthen. Wales
2017 14x12 nuc Nuc for sale East Sussex/Kent
2017 National 14x12 6 frame nucs and 10 frame full colonies Essex
2017 Full colonies and nucs in Salisbury Wiltshire SOLD
2017 6 frame nucs Wirral SOLD
2017 2 national nucs Newcastle
2017 14X12 nucs East Grinstead West Sussex
2017 Several National Nuclei - Dark Bees Devon
2017 Full colony North Kent
2017 Complete colony of bees on brood and a half. Hertfordshire
2017 Six Frame National Nucleus in a new polystyrene nuc box Newcastle
2017 Three colonies for sale Lincolnshire SOLD
2017 10 complete colonies for sale Hertfordshire
2017 National nucs Lancashire
2017 Bees on 14x12 frames Cambridge
2017 21 colonies for sale Wiltshire SOLD
2017 Large nuc of black bees Inverness, Scotland
2017 One colony of national bee hive cedar 14x12 with over winter queen London.
2017 Three colonies for sale South Norfolk
2017 Five frame nuc Beckenham London SOLD
2017 Five frame nuc for sale Gwent, Wales SOLD
2017 Honey bees for sale. 3 ml south of Ipswich, Suffolk SOLD
2017 Two nucs with 2017 queens - East Yorkshire SOLD
2017 Two nucs for sale Woking, Surrey SOLD
2017 6 frame Payne poly nucs Shropshire
2017 Colony of bees for sale Norwich, Norfolk
2017 Nucs in South Yorkshire
2017 Two National nucs London SOLD
2017 Standard National 6 frame nuc Hampshire
2017 Complete colony and nuc in Shropshire
2017 Two nucs for sale Sussex
2017 2 x 14x12 nucs for sale Liverpool
2017 Complete colonies for sale - Nottingham (40 colonies) SOLD
2017 Bees and equipment for sale - Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire borderSOLD
2017 5 Frame Spring Nuc Berkshire
2017 Overwintered Nucs Middlesbrough, Cleveland
2017 Three national hives Norwich, Norfolk.
2017 Double brood colonies Milton Keynes SOLD
2017 Sussex mongrels
2017 5 complete colonies Wiltshire SOLD
2017 nucs with 2017 queens - book early Bedfordshire
2017 Bees on National frames Eastbourne, Sussex
2017 Full colony on 14x12 frames 2016 queen marked white. Norwich
2017 Bees for sale in Somerset
2017 I have 6 colonies for sale all standard national frames. Plymouth
2017 I have two over-wintered nuclei with 6 frames each. Finchley. London
2017 2 11 frame national hives (bees on frame) with over wintered 2016 queen Carmarthen
2017 2 Strong colonies of bees for Sale Shropshire
2017 5-frame Langstroth nucs for late May delivery. Berkshire.
2017 Three hives and equipment for sale Lincolnshire
2017 Colony in National hive + equipment South West Wales SOLD
2017 Colonies in hives and equipment for sale West Yorkshire
2017 Over wintered nuc in polybox Suffolk  SOLD
2017 Over wintered nucs Isle of Anglesey
2017 One overwintered nuc + nucs for booking, with 2017 marked queens Surrey and Berkshire
2017 Bees on Langstroth frames South London/Surrey
2017 Four standard national nucs Surrey SOLD
2017 Top Bar nucs Nottingham (of M1)
2017 14x12 colonies Stourport-on-Severn (North of Worcester)
2017 National cedar hive - brood box & super Newcastle SOLD
2017 Over wintered nucs Kent SOLD
2017 3 x 6 frame nuc's, available from 01/04/2017. Derbyshire SOLD
2017 National and Top Bar hive - beekeeper giving up Milton Keynes SOLD
2017 Six frame nuc Doncaster, South Yorkshire SOLD
2017 BEES and EQUIPMENT Surrey
2017 14 x 12 six frame nucs Maidstone Kent SOLD
2017 3 colonies in Nationals + supers and 1 overwintered nuc Oxfordshire SOLD
2017 8 strong hives with 2016 Queens Kidderminster Near Birmingham
2017 Eight 14x12 National colonies for sale East YorkshireSOLD
2017 I have 4 overwintered nucs in Paynes 6 frame poly nuc boxes. South Wales  SOLD
2017 60 colonies of bees (various sizes) plus kit North Wales SOLD
2017 Nucs for sale Huddersfield SOLD
2017 Nucs for sale in London
2017 Six Frame Nucleus Newcastle Gateshead
2017 Nucs for sale in Northumberland SOLD
2017 Nucs for sale in Essex 

Please contact me at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com if you would like your information added to this site

2016 Two Langstroth Jumbo Hives with bees Cumbria SOLD
2016 One nuc of bees for sale in Gloucester area.
2016 Beekeeping business for sale - bees and equipment North Wales
2016 Bees for sale - Whitland, South Wales
2016 5 frame nucs Woking SOLD
2016 Two hives with bees + equipment Manchester
2016 Nine colonies in National & Commercial hives including one super North Cambridgeshire
2016 14x12 nucs Milton Keynes
2016 Full colony Bath/Bristol
2016 Two colonies for sale South Wales
2016 Large colony for sale Manchester
2016 6 frame nuc Cambridgeshire
2016 6 frame Nuc Norfolk SOLD
2016 National nucs North Wales
2016 Nucs Yarm on Tees
2016 Nucs Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire
2016 6 Colonies for sale South Wales SOLD
2016 Two nucs Ellesmere Port Cheshire
2016 Two nucs - Bexhill on Sea
2016 10 nucs Lincolnshire
2016 Top Bar Nucs Preston
2016 Buckfast nucs Rotherham
2016 splits Hants
2016 Langstroth nucs Merseyside
2016 Three poly national Nucs Scotland, Inverness SOLD
2016 Bees and equipment for sale - Rainham, Kent SOLD
2016 6 frame nuc Eastbourne Sussex
2016 Two nucs Bexhill on Sea Sussex
2016 Nucs for sale - Liverpool
2016 Very docile and prolific Carniolan bees. Bracknell Berks (nucs and packages) SOLD
2016 Colonies for sale in Northumberland SOLD
2016 Three hives, all Langstroth Polystyrene Norfolk
2016 Hives of Bees For Sale Northumberland SOLD
2016 One colony in National hive + extras - Shropshire SOLD
2016 Complete National with bees Caerphilly
2016 Nuc of native dark bees in Gwent  SOLD
2016 Complete (Double brood) colonies Nottinghamshire
2016 Fives overwintered nucs in Newcastle
2016 6 Complete colonies of bees for sale. South Wales near Carmarthen SOLD
2016 3 Langstroth Complete colonies East Sussex SOLD
2016 Two over wintered NUCs for sale. Suffolk SOLD
2016 6 jumbo Langstroth colonies East Norfolk
2016 Brood and a half colony North Wales SOLD
2016 6 National nucs - dark bees Devon SOLD
2016 BS National nucs Milton Keynes
2016 Nuc with new queens June 2016 Scotland SOLD
2016 Bees on 14 x 12 frames Milton Keynes
2016 Three colonies - Wiltshire (Salisbury) SOLD
2016 Four colonies for sale Northamptonshire
2016 Two colonies plus bee keeping equipment Sussex
2016 National nucs Huddersfield
2016 Bees for sale - pick up Essex SOLD
2016 Nucs and colonies Surrey/Hampshire border and also close to West Sussex 
2016 Settled colony + hive complete with two supers £325 - Scotland
2016 6 frame nucs in Manchester SOLD
2016 15 Overwintered National Hives - South Yorkshire SOLD
2016 Overwintered nucs - Scotland SOLD
2016 Complete National with bees + nucs in poly boxes - South Wales
2016 10 hives + 2 5 frame nucs - Essex SOLD

Please contact me by email if you would like your information added to this site

2015 One colony in a hive + two spare hives & extractor Hants/Berks border
2015 6 frame Langstroth nuc Yorkshire
2015 2 nucs Milton Keynes
2015 6 National colonies Newport, Shropshire
2015 2 x 5 frame Nucs of bees for sale Gloucester
2015 Two colonies one nuc for sale Hitchen Hertfordshire
2015 5 frame 14x12 nuc for sale Manchester SOLD
2015 One strong nuc for sale with 2015 queen North Lincolnshire
2015 Strong colony + WBC hive for sale Scunthorpe
2015 Two nucs one colony North Lincolnshire SOLD
2015 Two colonies in National hives Worcestershire
2015 Ten colonies in national hives Scotland SOLD
2015 8 x Full hives for sale delivered to your door
2015 Two colonies as one?  Derbyshire
2015 20 complete colonies North Yorkshire
2015 Four hives for sale in Salisbury Wiltshire
2015 Four British Nationals with strong working colonies Kent SOLD
2015 10 Hives and bees for Sale Mid Northumberland SOLD
2015 6 poly nucs Newcastle 
2015 Deep nuc Anglesey SOLD
2015 Two nucs Worthing Sussex
2015 Four large colonies (double brood) Norfolk/Suffolk SOLD
2015 Complete colonies Yorkshire Barnsley
2015 Two nucs Huddersfield
2015 Four nucs + Two colonies North London
2015 Two nucs one colony North Lincolnshire
2015 Two nucs for sale in North Birmingham SOLD
2015 5 frame nuc in Corex box Hartlebury Worcestershire
2015 Hives + bees Stourport on Severn Worcestershire
2015 5 frame 14 x 12 Nuc - South East London
2015 5 framed nucs Weybridge Surrey
2015 Bees for sale - colony + spare kit - bee keeper giving up Leicestershire
2015 Three hives for sale Selby Yorkshire 
2015 Nucs with 2015 queens Bridgwater Somerset
2015 Very large colony in national brood plus half. Salisbury Wiltshire SOLD
2015 Top Bar Nucs, Leicestershire
2015 3 nucs + 1 colony black bees Selby, Yorkshire SOLD
2015 Nucs with new local queens South Yorkshire SOLD
2015 Nuc for sale with a 2015 queen Lincolnshire
2015 5 frame nucs with home bred queens (Preston) Lancashire SOLD
2015 One 6 Frame Carniolion nuc Manchester
2015 Two Langstroth colonies + free Langstroth Kit Hampshire SOLD
2015 2 Langstroth Nucleus London SE6
2015 5 Frame Nucs on Deep National frames Yarm On Tees SOLD
2015 North Lincolnshire 1 nuc and 1 colony
2015 Three 6 frame Nucs 2015 queens. BS National frames. Lincolnshire
2015 Nucs with 2015 laying queens Sussex
2015 Nucs Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex border
2015 Two colonies for sale near Selby, Yorkshire
2015 Five frame nucs Newcastle SOLD
2015 14 x 12 five frame nuc South East London 
2015 Six frame nucs 2015 queens Wisbech Norfolk
2015 Nucs with 2015 queens Bridgwater Somerset SOLD
2015 Six frame nucs Hampshire SOLD
2015 Complete colony on brood and a half (brood box + a super) Oxford
2015 Colony in hive + super - South of Wisbech, Norfolk 
2015 Three full colonies in National hives + a super in North Norfolk SOLD
2015 Two six frame nucs Hampshire SOLD
2015 Two National nucs Pembrokeshire, West Wales 
2015 Commercial colonies for sale Northumberland
Three nucs to sell In Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire.
2015 6 national hives using the larger 14 x12 brood body for sale. Buckingham SOLD
2015 6 frame national Nucs Cheshire SOLD
2015 15 hives of bees for sale in both National and Commercial Hives Northumberland
2015 4 Hives for sale, Dark Coloured Bees - Shropshire SOLD
2015 Nucs in Surrey
2015 Colonies and nucs - South Devon SOLD
2015 Three colonies Wiltshire SOLD
2015 Colonies South Wales (Nr Bridgend)
2015 3 hives - Kings Lynn - Norfolk  SOLD
2015 3 Colonies in poly hives + 6 six framed poly nucs Plymouth
2015 Two full colonies and a nuc available for sale Wiltshire SOLD
2015 Four colonies for sale East Northamptonshire SOLD
2015 Hives - Thorne's British National with at least four frames of brood. West Leicestershire SOLD
2015 Complete National hives with bees - Gloucestershire SOLD
2015 Full colony in Langstroth Jumbo Cambridgeshire 
2015 6 frame nucs - North Norfolk SOLD
2015 Two 6 frame National nucs, plus one colony in a polyhive - Hampshire SOLD
2015 UK bred, over wintered, honey bees in a 6 frame BS poly nuc box - Sussex
2015 Two WBC hives with overwintered bees - Kent SOLD
2015 Omlete with bees + 'wild' colony - Coventry SOLD
2015 Nucs available in - Suffolk SOLD
2015 Beekeeper giving up due to re-location - Wisbech SOLD
2015 Nucs can now be ordered from your Local Honey Man LondoSOLD
2015 New hives + two supers with bees included Yorkshire SOLD
2015 5 complete colonies for sale - Exmore SOLD
2015 6 frame nucs to pick up 2015 - Lancashire SOLD
2015 6 Frame nucs to pick up 2015 - Mancheste SOLD
2015 5 Frame nucs to pick up 2015 - Huddersfield SOLD  

Please contact me by email if you would like your information added to this site


2014 Two colonies for sale in National hives Cambridge
2014 Two 12 x 14 nucs (6 frames) with plenty of stores East Sussex
2014 Colonies for Sale in Weybridge, Surrey
2014 Three strong established colonies in Langstroth hives + equipment East Sussex
2014 30 colonies Barnsley, South Yorkshire
2014 Black/local 2014 queened nucs for sale in Northumberland
2014 Three complete colonies near Wetherby in Yorkshire SOLD
2014 I have two full colonies and one small colony from a swarm with a queen that is laying Surrey
2014 5 frame nucleus of bees in Hampshire
2014 Colonies and kit for sale near Solihull SOLD
2014 Complete colonies with 2014 laying queens in Sheffield
2014 black/local mongrel nucs Northumberland SOLD
2014 standard and 14x12 frames - Essex
2014 nucs in North Somerset
2014 6 frame nuc London (Beckenham) SOLD
2014 two nucs in Cheshire
2014 Colony in new National + super near Oxford SOLD
2014 one colony and one nuc - North Lincolnshire
2014 2 national hives with bees for sale Shrewsbury 
2014 Two nucleus box colonies of bees available Solihull
2014 5 frame National nucs Worcsestershire
2014 4 large colonies in Lincolnshire
2014 17' top bar hive with bees Liecestershire
2014 Complete colonies with 2014 laying queens. Sheffield
2014 Colony of bees for sale in Leeds, West Yorkshire SOLD
2014 5 frame nuc 2014 queen Salisbury, Wiltshire
2014 One x 5 frame nuc for sale in Stevenage, Hertfordshire 
2014 Complete colony for sale Shrewsbury
2014 Strong Nuclei of bees for sale in SR7 area Sunderland
2014 S
trong nuc near Ipswich in Suffolk 
2014 Nuc for sale Cornwall
2014 2 x 5 frame nucs in South Wales
2014 Bees for sale - Commercial hives Eltham London
2014 5 colonies + extractor and equipment in Guildford Surrey SOLD
2014 Bees for sale - 2 nucs 3 colonies Woking Surrey
2014 3 large colonies 3 nucs near Nottingham
2014 6 frame national nuc Co Antrim 
2014 Strong nuc near Ipswich in Suffolk SOLD
2014 5 frame nuc in Cambridge
2014 British Standard National 5 frame nucs with 2014 mated queens. Norfolk
2014 5 x 2014 6-Frame Premium Quality National Nucs DN4 Polynuc available to go ASAP!!! Suffolk
2014 I currently have two very strong nucs for sale North Lincolnshire
2014 5 frame national nucs - 2014 queens Scunthorpe
2014 Nucs and full colonies in Shropshire
2014 National deep 5 frame nucs - Yarm on Tees
2014 Polynucs for sale Surrey
2014 Polybox nuc for sale in Birmingham 
2014 Complete colony for sale London W3
2014  5 frames nucs with 2014 queens in East Yorkshire
2014 Complete hives - a bargain for beginners in Sheffield
2014 Four colonies on double brood Cambrdgeshire
2014 Top bar nucs for sale in Leicestershire SOLD

2014 Nucs 14x12 and standard for sale in Hampshire
2014 Colonies for sale in Cambridge SOLD
2014 4 colonies for sale in East Northamptonshire
2014 Bees and equipment - beekeeper giving up Worcestershire SOLD
2014 4 colonies for sale - 14x12 frames Surry SOLD
WBC hives with or without bees for sale in Northumberland
National nuc for sale in Somerset
2014 Colonies for sale in Mid Wales 
2014 Langstroth colony and nuc for sale in Nottinghamshire SOLD
2014 10 nucs for sale Surrey
2014 Colonies for sale in Bedfordshire
2014 3 nucs for sale in Herfordshire SOLD
2014 3 nucs for sale in Mersyside 
2014 Complete colonies for sale in West Wales 
2014 2 hives for sale in Bolton SOLD
2014 10 nucs and 15 hives for sale 6/4/2014 Hertfordshire 
2014 Two colonies and national hives for sale in Birmingham SOLD
2014 Three over wintered colonies for sale in North Yorkshire SOLD
2014 Ten Complete National hives for sale in Yorkshire SOLD
2014 Hives to sell, they are Thorne's British National in Leicestershire
2014 Four National hives with bees in Norfolk SOLD
2014 7 standard commercial complete hives in Essex SOLD
2014 One large colony in Cambridgeshire SOLD
2014 A mix of colonies and nucs for sale in Hampshire
2014 Five colonies for sale in North Yorkshire SOLD
2014 Two colonies for sale in Lancashire SOLD
2014 Colony for sale in the West Midlands SOLD
2014 Two nucs and two colonies for sale in Wiltshire SOLD
2014 Ten colonies for sale in Shropshire all available
2014 Two nucs + four colonies for sale in Newcastle SOLD
2014 Two nucs for sale in Manchester SOLD
2014 Ten colonies for sale in Hull Two left

If you have honeybees for sale in 2014 please contact me by email if you would like 
your information put into this site.

Beekeepers - no matter how many (or few) nucs and colonies you have to sell we want to hear from you. We may even already 
have buyers on our mailing list who live near to you who are waiting for bees.  
    Please just drop me (Patrick) a quick email stating where you are, what bees you have and how much you want to
them for and I will get them on the site ASAP. Email: patrick@laslett.com

12/10/2013 Five colonies (4 on brood and a half and 1 very big colony on double brood) in National Hives in Norfolk SOLD

6/9/2013 Nuc for sale in Somerset

2/9/2013 Full colonies for sale in Lincolnshire

28/8/13 6 colonies + super of honey for sale - North Norfolk SOLD

8/8/13 Colonies for sale in Boston Lincolnshire

30/7/13 Nuc for

29/7/13 Nucs for sale in Manchester

23/7/13 Three nucs available in Hampshire - £150 - SOLD

Our Lancashire beekeeper has a few nucs with 2013 queens for sale

Complete colonies for sale (£170) pick up Norwich - SOLD

Package bees for sale - pick up in Derbyshire £180

Commercial hive London - £300 - SOLD

Beekeeper selling up in Tyne Tees - SOLD

Colonies and nucs for sale in Diss - SOLD

Colonies and nucs for sale in Boston  - SOLD

Two colony + kit including extractor for sale in Hertfordshire - SOLD

Three nucs availability in Cambridge - SOLD

Large colony for sale in Oxfordshire 14x12 frames £250 - pick up after 3rd June - SOLD

With all of the problems that bees have to cope with in our modern environment we want to limit the stress of
moving bees as much as we possibly can. We want to keep the stress miles after purchase down.

There is also a big benefit to you the beekeeper in buying bees that are raised in an apiary local to you. Bees that
are bred near to you are likely to be better suited to your local conditions than bees that are brought in from miles
away. And by keeping in contact with the beekeeper who has bred your bees you will be able to ask the best possible
person for advice on important issues regarding your bees as and when you may need it.


UK Beekeepers Page on Bees For Sale  also has links to sites with honeybees for sale in the USA