Honeybees delivered

2018 Splits of good foraging bees of a good temperament. Delivered.

5 frame National's with a 2018 buckfast queen. 

The price is £185.00 this includes travel box and next day delivery. (£20 advance payment then £165 payment with delivery details)

Available end of May (weather permitting)

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2017 order early 2017 queened Langstroth nucs

5-frame Langstroth nucs for late May delivery.

Bees are in Berkshire but I can post by courier countrywide. I've got more then 10 nucs. My price is £185 per nuc, (£20 in advance £165 on collection)

If required delivery and travel box is extra £20.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2016 6 frame very strong polynucs available.They are headed up by this year's queen.

I will require £240 (£20 in advance £220 on ordering) including delivery to anywhere in the UK.

I have Native, Carni, Italian and Buckfast.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com

2015 8 x Full hives for sale delivered to your door

£235 including 24 hr courier. (£25 deposit before booking £210 to send)

They are native bees headed up by this years marked queen on national frames.

The hive consists of a varroa floor with inspection tray (this will provide ample ventilation
 during transport). They will have a crown board with 2 holes that will have varroa mesh
again for ventilation. They will have a roof and brood box all made of pine.The hives will
have 2 ratchet straps for secure travel.

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com

 Honeybees delivered to your door. SOLD

Over wintered 5 frame native black bee nucs that can be couriered by 24 hr courier at £185 per
nuc including delivery. (£20 deposit in advance then £165 on booking confirmation.)

The queens are 2014 marked and clipped.The frames have 5 frames of brood at various
stages and are on a national frame.

The bees will be delivered in a 5 frame wooden nuc box that can be used for future splits,
£165 price includes delivery and nuc box

Please email me (the webmaster) for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com