Honeybees for sale in Cumbria

2021 Full Colony for Sale - in a brand new poly hive

New Abelo 12 Frame 14 X 12 Deep National Poly hive for sale.
The queen is 2021 Marked (white) with brood on eight full frames.
Included in the sale.
Full hive – Floor, Brood, Queen X, Super, Cover, Roof, Feeder.
This is a totally new hive and frames this year.
£500 (£25 in advance, £475 on collection).
Collection Penrith Cumbria,
Available now. 
Deposit required to hold.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com (
I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

2021 Over wintered Nucs SOLD

I have some surplus overwintered Nucs. I am based near Kendal, Cumbria. 

I made them up last year and all are headed by marked queens, raised by me last summer. 
I usually work through my bees without gloves, so aggressive bees are not tolerated. New queens are raised from my gentlest stocks. They have all been treated for Varroa.

They are on 6 Hoffman self-spacing frames, British National size. For collection.

The price is £220 - if you return the poly nuc box. (£20 in advance £200 on collection)
There is an additional £50 refundable deposit on the poly nuc box so it is £250 (+ £20 in advance) if you decide to keep the poly nuc box. 

I recommend keeping the poly nuc box, complete with feeder - it is a very useful bit of kit!

Collect Kendal

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com (I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

2016 Langstroth Jumbo Hives with bees SOLD

Two Langstroth Jumbo hives for sale at £255 each, (£25 in advance £230 on collection), with others possible. 

They have all been treated with MAQS and fed for the winter. The bees were inspected in August by the local bee inspector. 

This is a chance for beekeepers to try a larger hive. Alternately the bees may be shook swarmed or 
transferred into one or more smaller hives next Spring.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com (I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

Do you have honey bees for sale in Cumbria?

We are always on the look out for more beekeepers with bees to sell. It doesn't matter
if you only have a few spare colonies or a couple of nucs. If you would like to sell them then
we would like to hear from you. Please email patrick@laslett.com