Honeybees for sale in Bedfordshire

2017 6 frame Buckfast nucs with 2017 queens available

£140 each if supplied in a travelling box (waxed cardboard, suitable for reuse in swarm collecting) or £170 in a poly nuc. (£20 in advance the remainder on collection).
Local delivery £20

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note: I'm the owner of the web site not the owner of the bees.

2017 2 overwintered Buckfast nucs SOLD

I have 2 overwintered Buckfast nucs (2016 queens, marked not clipped) in Maisemore poly nucs (6 DN4 frames, top feeder, rather than side). They are expanding very rapidly - brood on 4 frames at last inspection. Treated for varroa in December via OAV. No history of notifiable diseases in the apiary, and not in the surrounding area for at least the previous 5 years.
I would like £180 for each of the nucs including the box, (£20 in advance £160 on collection) but will give a £30 discount for anyone collecting them in their own box.

I will have 2017 nucs and queens available later in the year. BOOK EARLY!

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2015 National colony Bedfordshire

I'd like to sell a colony on 7/8 British Standard frames. Frames only. Buyer to
transfer to own hive on collection.

Price: £200 (£25 deposit in advance £175 on collection)
Location: Bedfordshire

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com

2014 Colonies for sale posted 11/5/04

I have numerous stocks which I am willing to sell. need to reduce
stocks owing to concerns of neighbours!

National floor, brood body, crown board, roof, and bees £175 -
Bargin. (£25 deposit in advance £150 on pick up)

Regularly Defra inspected, All have been varroa treated, queens clipped
and marked (Mostly Carnica/carnolian).

Hives including queen excluder and super £205 - equally a good buy.
(£25 deposit in advance £150 on pick up)

To reserve you colony and for deposit payment details please email patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)