Honeybees for sale in Birmingham

2018 1 x BS NUC for sale on 6 DN1frames with narrow spacers.

It has a 2018 Queen with larva in all stages, 
pollen and stores. Queen is marked (red) and not clipped. It is in a Paynes Poly NUC box. The Queen was a Carniolan mated with my local bees.

£170 (£20 in advance £150 on collection) and £30 to buy / deposit on the NUC box.

Buyer to collect- North Birmingham
Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2017 8 strong hives with 2016 Queens Kidderminster Near Birmingham

I have 8 strong hives with 2016 Queens the hives are all in good condition, Nationals with 

open floors stands zinc roofs and 14 x 12 brood boxes the hives have been recently treated 

with oxalic and are busy in the sun situated near Kidderminster I want £250 each for them.

 (£25 in advance £225 on collection)

For details on paying the £25 in advance and the bee keepers contact details please 

email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2015 I have the following for sale in North Birmingham. SOLD

1 x 6 Frame Poly NUC of healthy bees with 2014 marked and 
clipped Queen. All frames are drawn and have stores and brood in all stages. 

1 x 5 Frame Wooden NUC of healthy bees with 2015 Queen marked and 
clipped. All frames are drawn and have stores and brood in all stages.

Both are £185 (£20 deposit and £165 on collection).

Please email me for my deposit payment options
patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)

2014 One nuc for sale

I have a Paynes six frame nuke with a 2013 marked queen laying well and the nuke is full, it needs a home soon. The cost is £200 pounds. The Nukebox can be returned and I will refund £30. (£20 deposit in advance £180 on collection)

Please email me patrick@laslett.com for deposit payment details.

Two colonies and national hives for sale in Birmingham SOLD

"I have two colonies and national hives for sale.  Buckfast bees from 2012/ 2013, the queens are marked.  Hives are complete with everything - hive stand, floor, brood box & frames, crown board, queen excluder, roof (I also have a super if you want one but some frames need making up).  They were treated for varroa etc at the end of last season.  One hive is brand new from last year and the other about 3 years old. I live in Birmingham.
Can sell separately or together."

Price £265 each. £25 deposit in advance £240 on collection.

Please email patrick@laslett.com (webmaster) for deposit payment details