Honeybees for sale in Cornwall

2020 5 framed national nucs

5 frames national Nuclears  available. 
Come in a non-refundable Correx travel box.
Price £180 each (£20 in advance £160 on collection)
Can deliver within 20 miles of Bodmin Cornwall

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I am the owner of the web site not the owner of the bees

2015 3 Colonies in poly hives + 6 six framed poly nucs in Plymouth

I have 3 Paynes standard national poly hives for sale with bees and last years queens. With each hive 2 empty supper a large poly feeder and a queen excluder. Plymouth area 

Full size hives with suppers and bees etc. cost £315 (£25 deposit in advance £290 on collection).

6 over wintered paynes 6 frame national poly nucs with last years queens.
The bees were inspected about September last year and most queens are marked white as I am colour blind its the only colour i can see clearly. The bees several generations back were buckfast hybrid. As there is a black specialist in the area many of my queens are getting very dark. The colonies are strong were treated for varroa in the winter with oxalic acid vaporiser. 

Poly nucs with bees £210 (£20 deposit in advance £190 each on collection)

Only available for Sunday collections. 

If local I can deliver and if necessary can transfer the bees to the new hive.

For my deposit payment options please email me patrick@laslett.com

Nuc for sale

Bees and frames only.

£120 (£20 deposit in advance £100 on collection)

Please email me for deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)

If you have honey bees for sale in Cornwall and would like us to help
sell them - please email me patrick@laslett.com