Honeybees for sale in Derbyshire

2019 Full colonies and nucs for sale Derby City Centre

2x five frame plywood nucs for sale, 2018 queen. £170 per nuc (£20 in advance £150 on collection) £30 returnable for the nuc box.

2x full plywood hives, British national brood, super, insulated roof, OMF, 2018 queen. £300 (£25 in advance £275 on collection)

Location: Derby City Center

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I an the webmaster - not the owner of the bees

2019 4 nuc's for sale in the spring Chapel en le Frith Derbyshire

6 frames in a Payne's polynuc. Queens last year's hopefully still marked,
£170 per nuc including the nuc box (£20 in advance £150 on collection)
£30 returnable for the nuc box.

Derbyshire, Chapel en le Frith.

Please email me Patrick Laslett. honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I an the webmaster - not the owner of the bees

2017 Bees and equipment for sale - Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire border SOLD

I am in my third season of beekeeping and have decided it isn’t for me. As a result I am going to sell up.

My colonies are in a bit of a state of confusion at the moment- what I think is going on is:

1 nuc (wooden box) with new (April 2017) queen.
1 nuc in Paynes poly nuc with new (April 2017) queen.
2 nuc (wooden box) which house recaptured swarms (May 2017)
3 National hives where the colonies have recently swarmed- new queens (May 2017)
None of my queens are clipped or marked.

All of my colonies were varroa treated in autumn 2016. I am registered with Beebase, but have not been inspected this year.

Equipment-wise, I am offering:

3 National hives, each comprising brood box, 2 supers, crown board, QE, roof and floor. All boxes are full of frames, and at the moment each hive has a super loaded with honey from the local oilseed rape fields. 

One poly nuc box, with 2 brood boxes, an eke and a super. 

Honey extractor

4 feeders

1 all-in-one bee suit (size large)

2 bee jackets with veils (size large)

1 additional National super

Spare nuc box

2 smokers (1 of which is a very nice Dadant)

Varroa treatments for the year ahead (Apiguard)

First option will go to buyer who will buy evertyhing.

Price for all of the above is £1350 (£150 in advance £1200 on collection)

You will need your own hive straps to hold it all together.

If a buyer for everything isn't found then the items will be sold individually.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I an the webmaster - not the owner of the bees

2017 3 x 6 frame nuc's, available from 01/04/2017. SOLD

Hoffman Brood frames (National)
Queens last years (White) bred from supercedure queen cell)
One queen from a caste (swarm).
Apiguard verroa treated in August/September 2016

Pick up Derbyshire after April 1st

£165 (£20 in advance £145 on collection)

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I an the webmaster - not the owner of the bees

2015 two colonies as one

I have recently had a very bad reaction to a bee sting so am giving up bee keeping. I have 
two small colonies in two brood boxes, one on top of the other, separated by a Snellgrove
board. I was aiming to unite these for overwinter, but I do not think I will be able to do this now,
 however although I technically have two colonies I am happy for these to be sold as one, if the b
uyer is able to unite them.

£350 (£25 deposit in advance £325 on collection) for 2 x brood boxes each with small brood
(National), 2 x supers (each with drawn frames), open mesh floor, 2 x Queen excluders, 1 x stand
|with alighting board, 1 x snelgrove board, roof, crown board with 2 x porter bee escapes & an eke.
Most of the kit was purchased last year, one brood box & super purchased this year.

The bees are based in Derbyshire, between Sheffield & Manchester.

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com

Two top bar nucs posted 

Currently I have 2 spring colonies (building up nicely), each with a laying intact unmarked queen, for sale. These are 17" top bar nucs with 5 bars (though depending when they are collected there may not be comb on all the bars). Comb is only connected to the top bars and occasionally braced to the sloping sides so they cannot be posted but should be collected from north west Leicestershire (near M1 J24). On the border between Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

£200 per colony (£50 non-refundable deposit to secure, £50 refundable cash deposit on the nuc box and £150 cash on collection for each colony).

These colonies are from sustainably managed hives that have all overwintered at least one winter and have never needed chemical treatment.

Please email me patrick@laslett.com for deposit payment details

- Package bees for sale - pick up in Derbyshire £180 (£40 deposit)

Please email me to book a collection for you - and for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com