Honeybees for sale in Dorset

2020 Six framed nucs

Six Framed nucs 2020 queens (marked and clipped if you wish) 
Three to four frames of brood - remainder stores.
Varroa treated with icing sugar – so no chemicals used

Come in a cardboard nuc box (you have no need to supply a box)
Available now and for next 2-4 weeks
£210 each (£20 in advance £190 on collection)
North Dorset/South Wiltshire

2019 1 WBC Hive with bees SOLD

1 WBC Hive with bees and this year's honey crop, 2 brood and 2 supers 
£225 (£25 in advance £200 on collection).

Buyer also gets first offer on a range of bee keeping equipment 
including a second hive and more supers.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2019 6 frame poly nucs for sale, new queens Yeovil, Dorset

Ready to go, £190 (£20 in advance £170 on collection). 

We have 5 available. 

South of Yeovil, Dorset 

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

New for 2013 we now have a queen breeder in Dorset who also has nucs for sale.