Honeybees for sale in Huddersfield

2017 Nucs for sale Huddersfield SOLD

This year I will have a small amout of standard national nucs for sale. 
You will get a marked and mated laying queen - either Buckfast, black bee or Carniolan

5 or 6 standard dn4 frames.

Bees in all stages of development.

Honey, pollen, eggs etc.

£200 (£20 in advance £180 on collection) 

Langstroth nucs £275 (£20 in advance £250 on collection) or £200 for the bees in a cardboard nuc box.
£50 extra if you want the paradise honey langstroth nucleus box with the bees.

We don't give a precise month as the weather is unpredictable. When we take your number we 
will contact you when the bees are ready for collection the bees are

Email me Patrick Laslett at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com for the advance payment details. 

Please note: I am the Webmaster not the owner of the bees

2016 National nucs

National 6 frame nucs as above but on national frames with a laying queen as
above of your choice all will be inspected and treated for Varroa the day before
collection these are £220 (£20 in advance £200  on collection)

These will be ready end of April/May.  Collection point Huddersfield.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com (Webmaster)

 Two nucs Huddersfield

I have a couple of nucs available one with black bee queen and
the other with a Carniolan queen both marked blue the bees are
very calm and are building up at a rapid rate and there's plenty of
pollen and nectar coming into the nucs they have eggs larvae and
brood in all stages of development.

£180 (£20 deposit in advance £160 on collection).

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)

5 frame nucs for sale. British Black and Buckfast bees. SOLD

All our bees are on Hoffman self spacing frames in a wooden nuc box with felt roof containing 5 frames of
aprox 10,000 bees with a 2014 queen and brood in all stages of development with pollen and honey.

These are
£220 on a first come first served basis (£40 deposit in advance to reserve £180 on collection in March).

The box is for the buyer to keep

Please email me patrick@laslett.com (webmaster) for deposit payment options.