Honeybees for sale in Leeds

2018 I have a colony of bees available Leeds

Cost: £125 bees and 10 new frames. (£25 in advance £100 on delivery + delivery costs)

The queen is unmarked, captured in May as a primary swarm near, but not from, my hives. So the queen is almost certainly at least in her second season.

I have kept the bees for 2 months and they have very recently been inspected by the regional inspector as part of a routine inspection in the area.

The bees quickly filled a nuc box with brood and started building wild comb in the roof, so they are now in a brood box of 10 newly drawn DN1 frames, with plenty of brood on 7 frames when checked at the weekend.

The bees are placid. I have not needed to smoke them even when cutting the wild comb out of the nuc roof.

There is no noticeable Varroa drop over the last couple of weeks.

I am selling this set as they have outgrown my available space.

I live in Leeds, W.Yorks and prefer to deliver the bees personally on a weekend so I can get the hive closed up and transported with all the bees safely inside. I charge £0.20 per mile for the return journey. I can deliver in the West/North Yorks and East Lancs area.

For example, if I delivered from Leeds to York (28 miles) I would charge £11 approximately. I can give an estimate of delivery cost before delivery.

I have to deliver at the weekend and prefer to deliver early on a Saturday morning. I would like to deliver on Sat 28th July if possible.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

(please note I am the web master not the owner of the bees)

2014 Colony of bees for sale in Leeds, West Yorkshire SOLD

Cost: £110 (£20 deposit paid in advance £90 on delivery) + delivery


What is the frame size?

National deep wired.

Plastic spacers.

How many frames of brood and stores does the colony consist of?

Bees over 10 drawn frames.

Brood over 6 frames as of July 11th and expanding.

How old is the queen?

June 2014.

Is the queen marked?

Marked white.

What kind of traveling box will the bees be in?

Bees will travel in National brood box to be transferred on arrival.

What kind of bees are they?

Buckfast queen.

Ancestor obtained in 2013 from Fragile Planet.

When were your bees last inspected by bee inspector?

No inspection.

Has your apiary ever had any notifiable diseases?

No notifiable diseases in apiary.

Apiary is in North West Leeds. LBKA have recently notified their members of the presence of EFB in the Pontefract region to the South East of Leeds.

Have the bees been recently treated for Varroa mites?

I treat the apiary with Apiguard in August/September and oxalic acid in December/January.

A very recent drop test over several days revealed no mites.


Additional information:

Only available for me to deliver in the Yorkshire area for a return mileage cost of 20 pence per mile. E.g. a round trip of 50 miles will cost £10.00.

Delivery cost will be agreed in advance.

Sale includes bees and 10 frames only.

These bees are very good natured. I only use smoke to move them away from the frame lugs when lifting frames and hardly ever smoke them before opening the hive.

In fact I have just inspected them on a nice warm, still evening without any smoke at all. They didn’t bother me at all.

The bees are surplus following swarm management in the apiary and I am selling because I will soon need the space and equipment. This is reflected in the low asking price.

They should make a nice strong colony going into winter.

My preference is to deliver early in the day (weekends only). That way I can close the hive up late the evening before and deliver them to you ensuring that you get all the bees.

The frames will need to be transferred to your own brood box on delivery.


I would like to deliver them over the weekend of July 19th/20th if possible.

Please email me patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster) for deposit payment options