Honeybees for sale in Liverpool

2017  2 x nucs for sale

They are 14 x 12 hoffman frames

This Years Queen (Carniolan)  they are in a six frame nuc of which are 4 brood all stages building up quickly

I am asking £220 not including the nuc box, buyer brings there own nuc or box for transferring. (£20 in advance £200 on collection)

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com (please note I'm the webmaster
not the owner of the bees)

2016 Langstroth nucleus for sale. SOLD

The frames fit in the Flow Hive.
6 frames. Split from this year, very docile bees.
2016 year queen raised by the bees.
195.00 GBP. (£20 in advance £175 on collection)
Liverpool area.
Lots of help and advice always available.
I can deliver 50 - 70 miles and install if needed. Expenses will need to be covered.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com

2016 Nucs for sale Liverpool

3 x nucs for sale, with this years Carniolan queens, 6 frame nuc on 4
frames of brood @ £185 per nuc (£20 in advance £165 on collection)

Box to be returned.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com (please note I'm the webmaster
not the owner of the bees)