Honeybees for sale in Mersyside

2018 Six frame Langstroth Nucleus Mersyside

2018 Six frame Langstroth Nucleus. Nucleus box is not included.
2018 Queen. Options of Queen race available
Delivery late May / Early June
Price £195.00 (£20 in advance £175 on collection)
Merseyside area.
Can deliver within 50 - 70 miles after expenses paid.

Please email me Patrick Laslett at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

Please note I am the owner of this web site not the owner of the bees

2016 Langstroth nucs Merseyside

I have 2 Langstroth nucs for sale. £200 each. (£25 in advance £175.00 on pick up) Merseyside area.

Please email me Patrick Laslett plaslett@gmail.com (please note: I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

2014 Three nucs for sale posted 6/4/2014

My bee keeper writes:-

"I can supply 5 frame nucs with this year's queen in a wooden nuc box (returnable). Bees are local British bees. I am hoping to have bees available from a couple of weeks time until September." 

Price £170 per nuc. (£20 deposit in advance £150 on pick up) please email patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster) for deposit payment details