Honeybees for sale in North Wales

2017 5 frame NUC with AMM dark bees with a 2017 queen. SOLD

£160 (£20 in advance £140 on collection)

North Wales.

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note: I am the Webmaster not the owner of the bees

60 colonies of bees (various sizes) plus kit North Wales SOLD

I will give a rough list of what I have:

-          40 full National hives. Some on double brood, some brood and a half and a few on single brood boxes.

-          20 Paynes nucs ( Al on six frames and strong colonies)

-          Nearly all queens are 2016.  A few 2015 ones kept as breeders.

-          Plenty supers with drawn combs ( not too sure about numbers now).

-          Feeders enough for this operation.

-          20 mating nucs.

-          Grafting equipment.

-          One small manual extractor.

-          One press for heather honey.

-          20  queen excluders (wire type) and some plastic queen excluders.

-          About 12 – 15 extra roofs,

-          A few hundred unassembled DN4 frames and some foundation.

-          Some extra floors and crown boards.

-          Some ekes and manipulation boards and roof insulation material for wintering.

-          Inspected by bee inspector.

-          Plastic buckets, etc.

-          Concrete slabs and blocks used as stands and plenty wooden stands.

-          I am sure there are other things that I forgot to mention today.

I am looking for 16K for whole lot. (1k in advance 15k on collection)

Email me Patrick Laslett at honeybeesforsale@gmail.com for the advance payment details 

Please note: I am the Webmaster not the owner of the bees