Honeybees for sale in N Yorkshire

2015 20 complete colonies North Yorkshire

I have about 20 hives to sell.
They are on the coast at N.Yorkshire South of Scarbourgh

The hives are nationals, they are quite old. The roofs are poor
The queens are unmarked but most will be this years
There are various types of bees both light and dark
They have not yet had any varroa treatments this season
There has been no notifiable disease here and the inspector has not yet called.
People are welcome to come and look before they buy
I can deliver if required, happy to sell as a lot or in singles.
I would like £195 per hive (£25 deposit in advance £170 on collection)

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com

Three hives for sale Selby 

I have three national hives for sale, all hives are full with 11frames, the queens are
2014 and they are laying well. The hives are from Thornes, I am near selby and
have the hives at my house so they can be seen. I'm asking for £255 each (£25 deposit in
advance £230 on collection).

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)

Three over wintered full colonies of bees for sale SOLD

Located 10mls outside Middlesbrough on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors
All in National hives on a brood box and a half.
2013 Queens
Comprising varroa floor, brood and a half, one super, crown board, framed wire queen excluder, rapid feeder and roof.
Colonies inspected by Seasonal Inspector summer 2013.
Apiguard treated autumn 2013
Oxalic acid treated Winter 2013-14.
Very productive strain of own bred local bees. Fly in cool weather.
Buyer welcome to inspect prior to purchase.
Currently four+ frames of brood and expanding, lots of pollen being brought in
Mentoring can be provided for local purchasers
Available first week in April depending on weather

£255 each - £25 deposit payable in advance £230 payable on collection

For deposit payment details please email me patrick@laslett.com (Webmaster)

2014 This is a great opportunity for a beginner to get started SOLD

For sale 5 overwintered hives of bees in national hives, inc. varroa floor, brood 
box, super, crown board, roof, queen excluder & fast feeder.  Available end of March 
following spring inspection and confirmed queen laying and brood expanding. 

Beekeeper downsizing due to health problems.

Total price £275 each - £250 on collection + £25 deposit paid in advance.

Please email me for further details and deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com