Honeybees for sale in Oxfordshire

2019 Nuc for sale

Nuc for sale in OXFORDSHIRE. The nuc is ready to be hived.  6 frame national. Last years marked queen. Lovely calm and prolific. Inspected in June - all in good health. 
I can provide a travel box or a poly nuc to be returned or purchased separately. 
£100 (£20 in advance £80 on collection)
I’m happy to support a new beekeeper with setting up. 

Pleas email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
(please note I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

2019 2 WBC hives with bees with 2 supers

They had a bee inspection about a year ago and all clean bill of health
One needs a new roof, the hives are old but in working order. Sale includes 
a few extra lifts and other bits £530 for the pair.(£50 in advance £480 on collection)

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
(please note I'm the webmaster not the owner of the bees)

2017 3 colonies in National + supers and 1 overwintered nuc Oxfordshire SOLD

Im moving back to Italy that's why I'm selling 3 Beehives (cedar standard national 
with 2 supers each) They need to be collected next week.

Each one £225 (£25 in advance £200 on collection)
I'm selling as well:
-1 poly nuc overwintered. £120 (£20 in advance £100 on collection) 
- 2 poly nuc no bees £25. (Both)
-Brood Wax sheets 50 £35
-Flat packs national frames super standar national in box 70 £35
-Poly hive national empty 14x12 deep brood no frames no -bees £35
-Poly hive standard national  with 2 supers with frames (NO FRAMES ON BROOD BOX) £70
-Cedar standar national no bees with frames and two supers £60
-queen rearing frame £15

Wallingford, Oxfordshire

For details on paying the advance finders fee and the bee keeper's contact details please 
email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com

2015 Complete colony on brood and a half (brood box + a super)

Due to adverse anaphylaxis reaction I am having to give up beekeeping. Colony ready for 
sale is a strong colony with good 2014 queen covering a brood and a half with National stand, 
mesh floor, brood and a half, super, QE, crown board and roof, ready to be strapped up and 
moved from South Oxford. £275.00 (£25.00 deposit in advance and £250 on collection)

Please email me patrick@laslett.com (webmaster) for deposit payment options

2014 Colony in new National + super near Oxford SOLD

I have a colony for sale within its National brood box + super (all new).
They are a colony on standard size brood frames. Honey production has also
started in the supers. Queen is a 2014 Carnolian, and highly productive
and healthy. They are available now.

Price: £275 all in (£25 deposit in advance £250 on collection)

Please email me patrick@laslett.com (webmaster) for deposit payment options

Large colony on 14x12 frames for sale - Brood box + super. £250 
Pick up after 3rd June. 
Email patrick@laslett.coml for further details

Do you have honey bees for sale in Oxfordshire?

We are always on the look out for more beekeepers with bees to sell. It doesn't matter
if you only have a few spare colonies or a couple of nucs. If you would like to sell them then
we would like to hear from you. Please email patrick@laslett.com

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