Honeybees for sale in Sheffield

2021 Summer nucs

Summer nucs - Choose from Native Black Bees or Buckfast Bees

National 5 frame nucs in Correx traveling box £220 (£20 in advance £200 on collection)
Langstroth 5 frame nucs in Corex traveling box £220 (£20 in advance £200 on collection)

All bees are treated for Varroa Mites and have full health inspections. 
Collection from Sheffield. (Delivery is also an option)

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I am the owner of the website not the owner of the bees

2014 Complete colonies with 2014 laying queens.

They are very hard working bees who produce a lot of honey.

£295 (£25 deposit in advance £170 on collection)

It is possible to buy the bees only and not the hives.