Honeybees for sale in Norfolk

2015 6 frame nucs North Norfolk

Healthy overwintered nuc’s, 6 frame +, available until end of March.

£140 (£20 deposit in advance £120 on pick up)

Please email me for my deposit payment options patrick@laslett.com (webmaster)

2014 British Standard National 5 frame nucs with 2014 mated queens.

All are bred from Danish breeders in Jenter and mated beside HQ drone producers, and have been checked by a Fera inspector.

Priced at £120 each without a box - £20 deposit in advance £100 on collection

(White Corex boxes can be bought online and sent in advance - email me for details patrick@laslett.com )

Nucs can also be delivered.

Please email me for deposit payment details - patrick@laslett.com

2014 Honeybees for sale from Norfolk Honey - full colonies of bees for sale Full colonies for sale all year round.

2014 Four National hives with bees  SOLD

Very experienced beekeeper offer four colonies in National hives - brood box, floor and
crown board. Eight miles from Norwich Norfolk.

£205 each in total - £25 deposit in advance and £180 on collection.

Please email patrick@laslett.com for deposit details.

12/10/2013 SOLD 

I am moving to France and have five colonies (4 on brood and a half and 1 very big colony on double brood) in National Hives.
I live in Westfield near Dereham. --- contact: SOLD

28/8/2013 -- SOLD
Bees and Hive for sale £200.00 each.

6 available

Each hive will have a full brood and come with at least 1 super with honey.

The Hives are cedar but very well used, minor repairs may be required on some but this does not affect the Bees.

Available for collection from Norfolk

I am being forced to give up Beekeeping due to new work commitments.

Gentle, well looked after Bees producing very nice honey.

Bee details below

Buckfast X Cecropia *

BUCKFAST. A hybrid of several races, selected for gentleness, wintering, production and disease resistance. Our Buckfast Queens are the gentlest honeybees you will find. Not inclined to rob. They don’t run. Produce white capping. Fly in cooler weather than other bees. Pack brood nest with honey for good wintering. Curtail egg laying during dearths. Brood development starts in early spring, which affords the colony with a large population that is maintained until fall. They are excellent housekeepers, which aids in their control of wax moths and provides them with resistance to diseases .(Available only crossed with the Greek races with excellent results

Please email patrick@laslett.com

20/7/13 Two full colonies for sale - pick up Norwich £170 Please email patrick@laslett.com - SOLD

Colonies and nucs for sale - pick up Diss colonies (£270) nucs (£190) Please email patrick@laslett.com - SOLD

We are always on the look out for more beekeepers with bees to sell. It doesn't matter
if you only have a few spare colonies or a couple of nucs. If you would like to sell them then
we would like to hear from you. Please email patrick@laslett.com

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