Honeybees for sale in Staffordshire

2018 6 frame nuc Staffordshire

6 Frame National Paynes Poly NUC with a mesh floor for sale, £200 (£20 in advance £180 on collection) 
in the Lichfield area.  

The NUC is full of Bees with a laying well established Queen (Eggs, Grubs, at least 8 Weeks worth of 
Adults and plenty of stores).The unclipped Queen is marked for this year (Red), Colony is from an Artificial 
Swarm (Drones from that Hive where contained to prevent access to the Virgin Queen).  

The 6 Frames are fitted with narrow Plastic Spacers, collection only, I will secure the Bees at last light the 
evening before, an early Morning collection is advisable.

Please email me Patrick Laskett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I am the webmaster not the owner of the bees

2018 I have 3 off 6 frame Paynes Polynucs with National frames.

They are this years queens with brood in all stages and mostly newly drawn comb.

I'd like £170 (£20 in advance £150 on collection) for the bees and £200 if they would like the 
Nuc as well (refundable deposit) (£20 in advance £180 on collection)

Available from Rugeley in Staffordshire

Please email me Patrick Laslett honeybeesforsale@gmail.com
Please note I am the webmaster not the owner of the bees

Honey bees for sale in Staffordshire.

6 frames nucs in nucleus hive
Hoffman frames
Carniolan queen
Available from May onwards.

Price £210 Deposit £90 Balance paid on collection