Plants and seeds for bee keepers

It is a worrying situation when the plants that well meaning gardeners are buying to help 
bees and other pollinators are treated with the very pesticides that are being blamed as 
one of the main causes of the declining bee numbers.

So this page is for beekeepers and gardeners who can offer bee friendly plants and seeds for 
sale that are not grown commercially and treated.

For example you may have a excellent stock of snowdrops and be able to spare a few each year or 
you have collected seeds from your flowers that others may like to grow. 

I will start the list with aconites the early yellowing flowing Eranthis or Winter Aconite that most plant 
companies will have on offer both as bulbs and in the green. I think they are better sold in the green just 
after they have flowered. They are a great plant to have near your hives as they along with snowdrop offer 
an early source of pollen when there isn't much about. Some of you will have good stocks of this plant as 
once established it will easily seed itself and multiply.

Aconites - well established flowering plant £5 per plant + postage (posted in the green after flowering) February
Cherry plum seedlings - one or two years old £1 each + postage
Dhalia seeds - twenty fresh seeds collected from my stock each year £2 + postage

Greek Mullein (Verbascum olympicum) Seedlings 50p each + postage - see

Golden rod seedlings 50p each + postage (mixed varieties)
Evening primrose seedlings 50p each + postage