Queen bees for sale

PRE ORDER FOR 2017 - Buckfast queens are the result of the pioneering breeding work of the Benedictine monk "Brother Adam", who travelled all over the globe to create the "perfect bee".
Price £30 (£10 deposit)

Generally bee keepers who breed queens will send them anywhere in the UK by post. However, I have put a pick
up location because if there is a queen breeder near to you then picking up a queen could be more convenient for you.

2016 You can order now for 216 from bees4u

The Beeman Telephone 01644440202 mobile 07770777603

James - by post
  estbrwr@aol.co.uk or phone 07783248017.

Pick up 
Halewood Liverpool or Newcastle Co.Down Colin Gorman gorman2009@live.co.uk will post anywhere in the UK

Pick up Barnsley Yorkshire C
arl Lockyer lockyer060549@gmail.com

Pick up Oxfordshire: phone 
01608 737190

Pick up London: Just to let you know that we have buckfast and black queens ready for dispatch now (8th May 2015). 
Email Curtis

Pick up Nottingham - b.teclawuk@gmail.com

Pick up Milton Keynes - I have available locally reared mated marked queens (blue 2015) for £32 each. (June 3rd 2015)
I can post them for £8 if it is needed next day delivery by 1pm.
First come first serve! Email: Bertalan lorinczbertalan@gmail.com 

If you offer queens for sale please email me patrick@laslett.com