Top Bar Bees

2019 3 top bar nucs for sale

3 top bar nucs for sale (all 5 bar), all this year’s splits have capped 

brood, larvae, eggs and food. Queens all laying well and ready to

 move to a bigger hive.

I am based in Warrington

Internal dimensions of top bar hive - Top 390mm, Bottom 150mm, Height 265mm.

£120 each (£20 in advance £100 on collection)

Option of wood nuc box £25

Please email me Patrick Laslett

(please note I am the Webmaster not the bee keeper who owns the bees)

2017 Top Bar nucs Nottingham (of M1)

Topbar nucs for sale. 

I currently have 2, maybe 3, overwintered nucs of best east midlands mongrels available 
now for £200 (£20 in advance £180 on collection) + £50 for the nuc box (refundable on return). 

They will need to be collected from Castle Donington as they cannot be shipped. Colonies may 
be crosscombed as they have been in these boxes since July last summer.

Please email me Patrick Laslett
(please note I am the Webmaster not the bee keeper who owns the bees)

2016 Top Bar Nucs Preston

I have several topbar nucs available for sale with 2016 queens.
Currently, there are 2 remaining with a minimum of 8 drawn combs (probably 10 by the time they are collected)
I am also taking orders for topbar nucs which will be ready for collection early july. These will be on approx 6 bars
All bees are local near native bees, proven to withstand the Lancashire winters in top bars.
They all originated from topbar hives so are used to working horizontally and do so extremely well
The bees are extremely gentle and do not run around on the comb
I monitor regularly for varroa and nosema but havent treated any of the parent colonies  as they do not suffer ffom either of these .
For more details please email me.
Collection only from Preston/Chorley area
Lots of help and advice always available
I can deliver and instal them with you if required

Cost £215 each (£20 in advance £195 on collection)

Please email me Patrick Laslett (please note: I'm the webmaster not the owner)

2016 Are you considering top bar bee keeping?

I have 5 overwintered 5-bar nucs available at the moment. All to the 'standard' 17 inch Chandler Kenyan topbar cross-section. The way the winter has been this year I expect them to be cross combed and packed with wax and cells. All are growing on now and looking to be rehomed asap. Methods of transferring cross combed bars to a full hive can be discussed with the buyers on collection if they are unsure about what to do.

I can also make up 5-bar nuc boxes which can either be flat-packed or assembled for people if anyone is interested. Also sets of top bars with starter rails if anyone needs those as well.

I can also build full top bar hives with or without roofs for people. These could be flat packed but would be better collected. I might even be able to sort out a hive/nuc plus bees package if people are interested.

Please email for prices and further details. Patrick Laslett (Webmaster)

2015 Top Bar Nucs, Leicestershire

Currently I have 3 spring colonies (building up nicely), each with a laying intact unmarked queen, for sale. These are 17" top bar nucs with 5 bars (though depending when they are collected there may not be comb on all the bars). Comb is only connected to the top bars and occasionally braced to the sloping sides so they cannot be posted but should be collected from north west Leicestershire (near M1 J24). 
On the border between Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

£225 per colony (£25 deposit in advance £200 on collection) plus £50 refundable cash deposit on the nuc box, cash on collection.

These colonies are from sustainably managed hives that have all overwintered at least one winter and have never needed chemical treatment.

Please email me for my deposit payment options (Webmaster)
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