A guide to using this site

If you are looking to buy bees you will find that the date the info was posted is the first of the information
on the left. When the bees have been sold the word SOLD will be in bold italics at the end of the post.

If you have bees to sell - please email me patrick@laslett.com I will give you my current charge rates and 
my payment details for putting your information on a page in this site. If you are selling bees it is important that 
you are a member of BeeBase and have had your bees recently inspected.

I also have mailing list - currently of around 1,200 people - whom I email with new information as it is posted
to the website. This can mean that sales happen within hours of the offers for sale being posted. If you would
like you name added to my list so that you get my information on honey bees for sale immediately after posting
please email me patrick@laslett.com