Welcome to Honeybees for sale.

This site is dedicated to putting beekeepers (and beginners) in contact with each other. Beekeepers who have bees to
sell and beekeepers who are looking to buy bees.
    Our intention is to help you find a beekeeper offering bees for sale as near to you as we can. This is in order to keep 
down the distance that the bees have to travel after purchase.
    Here you will find all kinds of beekeepers who have honeybees for sale. They may be large or small organisations and
have dozens of nucs for sale or just two or three.


2014 10 nucs and 15 hives for sale 6/4/2014 Hertfordshire
Two colonies and national hives for sale in Birmingham SOLD
2014 Three over wintered colonies for sale in North Yorkshire SOLD
2014 Ten Complete National hives for sale in Yorkshire
2014 Hives to sell, they are Thorne's British National in Leicestershire
2014 Four National hives with bees in Norfolk SOLD
2014 7 standard commercial complete hives in Essex SOLD
2014 One large colony in Cambridgeshire SOLD
2014 A mix of colonies and nucs for sale in Hampshire
2014 Five colonies for sale in North Yorkshire SOLD
2014 Two colonies for sale in Lancashire SOLD
2014 Colony for sale in the West Midlands SOLD
2014 Two nucs and two colonies for sale in Wiltshire SOLD
2014 Ten colonies for sale in Shropshire all available
2014 Two nucs + four colonies for sale in Newcastle SOLD
2014 Two nucs for sale in Manchester SOLD
2014 Ten colonies for sale in Hull Two left

If you have honeybees for sale in 2014 please contact me by email if you would like 
your information put into this site.

Beekeepers - no matter how many (or few) nucs and colonies you have to sell we want to hear from you. We may even already 
have buyers on our mailing list who live near to you who are waiting for bees.  
    Please just drop me (Patrick) a quick email stating where you are, what bees you have and how much you want to
them for and I will get them on the site ASAP. Email: patrick@laslett.com

12/10/2013 Five colonies (4 on brood and a half and 1 very big colony on double brood) in National Hives in Norfolk SOLD

6/9/2013 Nuc for sale in Somerset

2/9/2013 Full colonies for sale in Lincolnshire

28/8/13 6 colonies + super of honey for sale - North Norfolk SOLD

8/8/13 Colonies for sale in Boston Lincolnshire

30/7/13 Nuc for

29/7/13 Nucs for sale in Manchester

23/7/13 Three nucs available in Hampshire - £150 - SOLD

Our Lancashire beekeeper has a few nucs with 2013 queens for sale

Complete colonies for sale (£170) pick up Norwich - SOLD

Package bees for sale - pick up in Derbyshire £180

Commercial hive London - £300 - SOLD

Beekeeper selling up in Tyne Tees - SOLD

Colonies and nucs for sale in Diss - SOLD

Colonies and nucs for sale in Boston  - SOLD

Two colony + kit including extractor for sale in Hertfordshire - SOLD

Three nucs availability in Cambridge - SOLD

Large colony for sale in Oxfordshire 14x12 frames £250 - pick up after 3rd June - SOLD

With all of the problems that bees have to cope with in our modern environment we want to limit the stress of
moving bees as much as we possibly can. We want to keep the stress miles after purchase down.

There is also a big benefit to you the beekeeper in buying bees that are raised in an apiary local to you. Bees that
are bred near to you are likely to be better suited to your local conditions than bees that are brought in from miles
away. And by keeping in contact with the beekeeper who has bred your bees you will be able to ask the best possible
person for advice on important issues regarding your bees as and when you may need it.


UK Beekeepers Page on Bees For Sale  also has links to sites with honeybees for sale in the USA